Best Gaming Headphones Under $200 (2023 Guide)

As a gamer, you will always find it important to have quality sound for the best gaming experience whether you’re gaming alone or with friends. But how do you choose the best gaming headphones for your needs as a gamer?

What is it you should look out for that will make them a good fit for your needs? Lucky for you, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve compiled a list covering several categories including the best value gaming pair, best microphone quality, best sound quality, best wireless pair, and probably the best surprising pair of all.

Let’s get straight into it, shall we!

Best Gaming Headphones for Gamers:

Best Value Gaming Pair Beyerdynamic MMX 150
Best Microphone Quality Beyerdynamic MMX 150
Best Sound Quality Corsair HS80 Wireless
Best Wireless Pair Corsair HS80 Wireless
Best Light Weight Razer Kraken V3 pro-Hypersense


Razer Kraken V3 pro Hypersense


Best gaming headphones

In terms of design, the headset is made primarily of plastic for weight reduction, but a steel reinforced headband is featured to give this pair more rigidity and a slightly more premium feel too.

Adjusting the headband is pretty easy thanks to the notches on the side which give you a clear indication of the height and they click right into place very easily.

As far as comfort goes, the razer KrakenV3 Pro is one of the most comfortable headsets out there.

On your head, they do feel really comfortable and light with ample padding on both the ear cups and headband, utilizing memory form cushions made of both leather and fabric making them very thick.

This also gives good depth to the ear pads preventing your ears from touching the drivers. In addition, there is no pressure on the sides for those who wear eyeglasses.

This pair of Razer headsets have the new haptic feedback system which also has THX spatial surround sound all integrated into its 50mm Triforce drivers and trust me the sound is so fantastic.


  • Very comfortable and lightweight.
  • Pretty good depth of the ear pads to keep your ears from touching the drivers.
  • Haptic feedback system with THX spatial surround sound.


  • Has the equivalent of white noise.

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Speaking of one of the best gaming headphones out there, here’s the EPOS H6 Pro.

As for comfort, these are super wide and flexible to suit every head size, the ear cups also swivel and rotate to give the best fit possible.

On your head, they feel like there are no pressure points anywhere with the ear pads made of memory foam which is very much breathable and will feel okay with glasses on as well.

The EPOS H6 Pro comes in two options, the open-back, and closed-back, which come in three different color variations each.

The H6 Pro headsets are made with 42mm drivers, which are really powerful bass to give you that nice gaming experience.

The microphone is detachable with a magnetic attachment to it. Its sound quality is awesome as well.


  • Awesome looking gamey design.
  • 42mm drivers which give you full sound with deep bass.


  • For the open-back version, the sound may be low on some occasions due to sound leakage.

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Corsair HS80 Wireless


Best gaming headphones

This is a really nice product that really combines the best of their older HS series with their newer design of the void lineup.

Firstly, let’s talk about its design. It has a fantastic build, with the headband and ear cups made of strong plastic, and the ear cup brackets made of aluminum.

It is very flexible and durable as well with an elastic adjustable headband.

The ear cups have very soft cushions that are a full cloth, big, plush, and deep to stop your ears from touching the drivers and they are super comfortable as well.

They’ve also got a full swivel to allow the headsets to rest on your collar when not in use which is important for comfort as well.

In terms of use with glasses, these also pass the glasses test because the soft cushions don’t put force on the sides.

The HS80 is wireless with up to 60ft of range depending on your environment but you can also use them plugged in via USB.

Additionally, it is also compatible with Dolby Atmos on your Xbox, if you’ve got that installed on there, or even on your laptop through its sound settings.

With 50mm drivers, these headsets give you an awesome frequency range of 20Hz to 40 kHz.

This is perfect for use all around, meaning they’ll work well for listening to music, and watching movies giving you full sound. For the microphone, it’s pretty decent and clear.

It also has a cool feature where it automatically mutes when lifted upward and turns on a red LED ring around the mic.

It’s got RGB on it, with a Corsair sales logo on each ear cup, and delivers up to 20 hours of battery life depending on your volume level and sound setting.

Overall, this pair is a good recommendation for the best wireless headset, and rightly so because it delivers top quality to anyone that uses it.


  • Quick and easy mute function
  • Compatible with Dolby Atmos


  • Using the RGB function uses up battery faster

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Beyerdynamic MMX 150

Beyerdynamic MMX 150


The MMX 150 has very similar features as the MMX 100 in terms of the overall design, comfort, and sound but for connectivity, it does come with a USB-C to USB-A cable and USB-C to 3.5mm cable as well in case you want to use this on a console, smartphone or other devices with that port at any one point.

Speaking of its design, it is made of almost entirely plastic aside from the yoke which is made of aluminum and stretches around the headband.

All the controls are located on the left ear cup and these include the volume dial (which integrates a mute function for the microphone) and plugs for both the sound output and microphone.

Each ear cup has a comfortable cushion covered with a leather-like material but on the bad side, these ear pads are pretty shallow and will have your ears pressing on the drivers.

The sound on these headsets though is pretty good with 40mm drivers which sound really powerful.

The lows are pushed forward for a really fun and full sound.

For that reason, this will give you an amazing gaming experience with the powerful low end for explosions and shooting sounds as well as engine sounds in racing games and pumping music as well.

The microphone on this is good and really clear for gaming too.


  • Has the augmented open-world mode which gives you a balance of game audio and the outside world.
  • Best microphone quality in this list.
  • Removable microphone

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The Arctis 5 Steel Series headphones are a tremendous and really good-looking set we had to include in this list and they are one really good option to consider.

Starting with their design, they are very light with their body made of almost entirely plastic. This ensures that they do not have any creaking whatsoever.

The ear pads, which are soft, breathable, and feel nice on the skin, are made of memory foam while the headband is a two-piece item with an aluminum strip and an easily manipulatable fabric. This comes in multiple colors.

This will support the headsets pretty well for all head sizes and give you a good balance of total comfort and a really good grip as well.

In the same fashion, its microphone quality is good and gives you clarity if you are a gamer who loves to interact with other gamers during live gaming sessions.

For connectivity, there’s a USB jack, volume wheel, and a 3.5mm input jack, which you’ll use for audio sharing.


  • Angle drivers inside the ear cup for better audio direction.
  • Audio sharing with other gamers is possible.
  • No distortion at high volumes.
  • Easily retractable microphone.


  • The headphones do not expand and rely on the top fabric headband for size expansion which might be an issue for bigger head sizes.
  • Muddy low end.

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Best gaming headphones


Another go-to pair of headsets, the Razer Blackshark V2 is simply great and among the best gaming headphones, you should consider.

With a David Clark-Esque pilot helicopter design, they are one set of pretty cool and modern-looking headsets.

Firstly, comfort. These are far and away the most comfortable headphones I have used so far.

Both the ear pads and headband employ memory form material, more of a cloth fabric which is very comfortable and soft and this allows you to use the headphones for long gaming periods.

In addition, for those who wear eyeglasses, you don’t need to worry because the soft breathable padding means you can wear the headphones with glasses on with no pressure felt on the sides.

Now for the microphone, it is superb as well and comes with a USB sound card which gives you the option to enable some vocal enhancements and you can tweak the EQ a bit to your style and preference.

Additionally, it is removable as well if you want to wear the headsets as normal headsets for listening to music off your phone in say the park or on walks.

Its price means this pair of headsets is extremely budget-friendly for the overall product you’re getting.


  • Detachable microphone.
  • Comes with a USB soundcard which provides you the option to enable the THS settings as well as microphone and music EQs to change up sound profiles to your liking.
  • Very comfortable with soft padding on the ear cups.


  • Not so easy to adjust headband height.

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There is a bunch of options out there and for many like me, we all love to pick from the list of the best gaming headphones on the market while keeping in mind top quality, affordability, and comfort. This list will give you all that and more. Chao!

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