5 Best Gaming Glasses 2023

Looking for the best gaming glasses which are very effective as well? Many people ask whether gaming glasses are really helpful and if so, which brands and examples are ideal for them.

Gaming glasses will help protect your eyes from blue light and reduce stress on them during long exposure to a screen. In this article piece, I give you some examples of the best gaming glasses on the market.

Let’s dive into it shall we;

1. Gunner optics gaming glasses

Best Gaming Glasses

This set of glasses comes in a variety of sizes to suite all head sizes and personal choices.

They have a wide selection of aesthetic options for both the frames and lenses as well.

When it comes to protecting your eyes from blue light and reducing strain caused by it, these Gunner optics gaming glasses will effectively block up to 65% of the blue light as well as 100% of UV.

This helps your eyes work less and in the process lessens the stress on them.

In addition to that, your eyes will also be protected from drying out during long screen sessions because of gunner optics’ new design of their frames and lenses to hold in the humidity.

The gaming glasses come with an anti-reflective coating which will minimize glare and help you see better.

Gunner optics also gives you an option of having amber lenses which have proven to add extra sharpness to the game you’re viewing

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2. Gunnar Optics MLG Phantom Gaming Glasses

Gunnar Optics MLG Phantom Gaming Glasses

Arguably one of the best looking glasses with a characteristic sporty look with red on most of the frames and black on the ends of its arms.

They have been professionally designed by Gunner optics to guarantee that they fit perfectly well and coming at an incredibly light weight of 25 grams, you will barely notice them on your face.

These glasses are also strong and sturdy, meaning they will last a good while.

In addition, they have a coating included on the lenses which will protect your eyes from UV and glare.

This will definitely save your eyes from a lot of pain and stress.

The manufacturer also includes amber tinted lenses which have the ability to block a large percentage of blue light from your screens and other devices.

With the silicon nose that can be adjusted to fit just right, these gaming glasses from gunner optics are surely one to purchase for sure and hey, they do look amazing.

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3. Gamma ray optics gaming glasses

Gamma ray optics gaming glasses

Made by Gamma Ray optics, these glasses come in a basic black frame that still looks great, portraying the manufacturer’s choice of going with functionality over style on these.

These glasses are pretty light, given the plastic make of both the frames and lenses and the lenses are also non-polarized to give a better eye protection altogether.

Measuring 140x140x41mm, the frames are manufacture from TR90 Nylon, an extremely light and durable material, able to flex a lot as well.

Same as the other brands mentioned above, the MLG Phantom glasses are designed with an amber tint that is capable of blocking blue light out.

These glasses will be compatible for most people because of their large lenses of 52.83mm width.

So, are you looking to get an edge over your competition, the Gamma Ray Optics Gaming glasses are a fantastic option.

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4. HyperX gaming glasses

Best Gaming Glasses

The HyperX gaming glasses have such a stylish look to them, a characteristic feature of HyperX which designs its gaming glasses with a black and red color scheme with small logo on the side of each of the arms.

With a very light weight, the frames are made to be extra comfortable to wear for very long gaming sessions.

Their lenses are made of MR8 which gives you amazing protection from color distortion.

You get efficient blue light protection included as well as a crystal clear tint.

These glasses come with a hard shell for holding them and allowing you to take them on the go without worrying about damaging them.

All in all, this pair of glasses from HyperX will surely check off all your boxes if you’re looking for a new top quality set.

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5. J&S Vision Gaming Glasses

Best Gaming Glasses

This pair of gaming glasses designed by J&S Vision has a professional look and comes in four different frame shape options and five lens shape options to choose from.

If you’re someone who is behind a screen most all the time, you have the Low Color Distortion (LCD) option.

This blocks out up to 52% of blue light coming from your screen, great protection for under 4hrs a day.

If you’re a writer, gamer or IT specialist, you’ll surely appreciate these heavy duty lenses. They will give you up to 62% blue light protection and be good for up to 8hrs per day on a screen.

Regardless of the screen you choose to go with, you’ll get a total of 400UV protection together with anti-reflection coatings on the lenses to keep your eyes protected and very minimal color distortion.

If you have above average screen time, these J&S gaming glasses are surely a must!

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Now that you have an idea on a few options for good gaming glasses, you can now check them out and see which one slots into you budget and ideal design.

These glasses are not specifically for use when gaming only but can also be used when working with other devices for the same purpose of eye protection from continued exposure to blue light.

Whichever you choose to go with, I hope it helps you out and gives you more productivity. Chao!

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