Best Electric Shavers Of 2023: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Electric shavers are the leading tools when it comes to male grooming. These buzzing devices shave, cut and trim the hair on your face and head to enhance your good looks and spruce up your appearance.

However, shopping for one can be a true hassle with all the versatile models available out there. An electric shaver may work differently on two or more users. Its performance depends on your shaving habits, the sensitivity of your skin and the coarseness of your hair.

By taking into account these factors and the highest-performing electric razors released this year we managed to compile the ultimate guide to the best electric shavers of 2023.


Electric Shavers Features to Consider

The best thing about following our guide is that you won’t need to test an unlimited number of razors to find the one that suits you best.

We have narrowed down the most important features where an electric shaver has to score maximum points, and only the most efficient ones have made the cut.

Here are a few technical specs that you will need to consider before purchasing one:

  • Blade Type
  • Wet & Dry Technology
  • Battery Life
  • Weight

Basically, an electric shaver should be light and pleasant to hold in your hand for dozens of minutes in a row. It should have a long battery life that prevents the razor from stopping midway through your morning shave.

Also, if it includes the Wet & Dry Technology you get to choose between a straight, dry shave and one using shaving gel. One of the most important features of an electric shaver is its blade type.

Some have a foil blade that works great for sensitive skin and which uses a foil covered in holes to painlessly grab and cut the hairs on your face.

Other electric razors use a rotary blade that follows a circular motion during shaving, and which is more appropriate for men with long, thick hair that do not require daily grooming.


Braun Series 9 Pro 9419s


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This razor easily makes the top of our list of best electric shavers of 2023. It includes all the technological high points that Braun has gotten us used to over the years and some new extra features that will pleasantly surprise you.

The Braun Series 9 Pro 9419s is a stylish electric razor with an ergonomic design. It has rubber bands that run from its bottom side all the way to the foil blade at the top, which give you a tight, firm grip.

It features easy-to-use controls with just one large on/off button and two smaller ones that dictate the razor’s speed.

This electric shaver is completely waterproof, and its chassis is perfectly encased to protect the internal parts from the tiniest drop of moisture.

It also has three different settings that allow you to choose between various shaving styles. The cordless Series 9 Pro 9419s comes with a travel pouch, a cleaning dock, brushes and a power adapter.


Special Features

For an electric shaver that lasts 50 minutes without recharging and weighs just 0.44lb, the Braun Series 9 Pro 9419s is a must-have accessory for men who enjoy daily grooming.

However, its most impressive feature is the Innovative Sonic technology that powers the ActiveLift trimmer with 10,000 micro-vibrations and catches even the most resilient hairs on your chin.

There is one downside to the Braun Series 9 Pro 9419s, and that is its dry mode only. It means that you cannot use shaving gel or cream for wet shaving, too.


  • Elegant design
  • Innovative Sonic Technology
  • Light and easy to use


  • No wet shaving
  • A bit pricey


Panasonic Arc 5


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For lovers of the Wet & Dry technology, we have the best electric shaver with dual modes released to this day.

The Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc 5 is a high-quality grooming device that offers remarkably close shaves, and which accommodates with maximum ease to all types of skin or facial hair.

It seems that the Panasonic developers aimed for the closest possible shave that an electric razor can give when they created the Arc 5.

This model uses extremely thin foils of impeccable quality and sharpness to take even the slightest trace of hairs on your face. It also manages 14,000 counts per minute due to a speedy and top-of-the-line motor.

The ES-LV65-S Arc 5 has a nifty multi-LED display that lets you know about battery life and shaving modes.

Its smooth, yet robust design gives you a comfortable feeling when holding it, especially when you consider its 0.39lbs miniature weight.

It also comes equipped with a cleaning station and brushes to make it easier to scrape and rinse after your morning shave.


Special Features

The best feature of the Panasonic Arc is its impressive performance when it comes to wet shaving. It uses precision sensors to clear the hairs on your face with maximum speed, regardless of the gel or cream that you choose. This mode is ideal for last-minute grooming adjustments to your appearance.

The problem with the Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc 5 appears when you need to replace the foils and the blades. These small, yet extremely efficient parts are quite expensive, especially for day-to-day shavers.


  • Excellent Wet & Dry performance
  • Incredibly close shaves
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive replacement parts


Philips Norelco Shaver 5300


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Philips is an industry leader and worldwide customer-trusted producer when it comes to electric shavers. You will be hearing about their excellent quality products throughout this guide, as we identify their strengths and weaknesses.

One of Philips’ top-of-the-range models is the Norelco Shaver 5300 – a stylish razor with rotary blades and outstanding results for both wet and dry shaves.

It has a smooth design made from durable plastic that allows you to have a strong, comfortable grip on it. The Norelco Shaver 5300 comes with a pop-up trimmer for your sideburns and mustache.

It also features a charging stand, a travel pouch and a protective cap alongside the power cord and cleaning brush. The razor weighs less than 0.5lbs and easily lasts all the way through a 50-minute shave.


Special Features

The best parts about the Philips Norelco Shaver 5300 are the design and performance of the three rotary blades on its pivoting head.

These blades can move upward and downwards on your face, catching every single hair in its way even if they are hidden or in-grown below your jawline.

The problem with the Philips Norelco Shaver 5300 is the price of the replacement head. It may cost you up to $100 if you damage or lose it.


  • Water resistant
  • Quiet and light
  • Good battery life


  • Pricey substitute elements


Wahl Flex Shave Rechargeable Foil Shaver


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If you are looking for a new electric shaver, but you don’t want to empty out your wallet on a major brand device, you can safely opt for the Flex Shave Rechargeable Foil Shaver.

Costing less than $60, this razor is the ultimate budget buy that offers great quality dry shaves for all types of skin. The Flex Shave is relatively small at 9.20″ x 5.50″ x 3.50″ (H x W x D).

Its 1lbs weight may ask for a manlier grip, but in the end, that is what facial shaving is all about. It comes equipped with a pop-up trimmer that allows you to take out the hardest and most hidden hairs on your face.

The battery is not Li-ion, but it should still last 50 minutes on a full charge.


Special Features

The best part about the Wahl Flex Shave is the variety of grooming possibilities. It comes with 3 heads that allow you to switch between Sensitive, Comfort Clean and Ultra Clean shaving modes, and find the one that suits you best.

The Wahl Flex Shave likes to bite once in a while, and it might give you some minor irritations through its pulling hair technique. However, considering its relatively small price, it makes for a good budget-buy with decent performance.


  • Affordable
  • 3 Shaving options
  • Pop-up trimmer


  • Might cause irritations


Panasonic Eslv67 Premium 5-blade Shaver 


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Speed, power, and appealing design – the three words that describe the Eslv67 razor from Panasonic. This 2018 release will exceed your expectations when it comes to close, clean shaving.

Its 5 ultra-thin, stainless steel, sharp blades suit the contour and texture of every bearded face out there. This model is a remarkable improvement on older versions of Panasonic Arc 4 series.

You can see this aspect in minor details like the manageability of the head, the comfortable grip or the closeness of each shave.

Furthermore, it keeps high-tech features from previous models, such as the 14,000 cuts per minute performed by each blade, and the easy cleaning modes.


Special Features

The Panasonic Razor Eslv67 is available for less than $100, which makes it an excellent choice considering its high level of performance. You can use this model for both dry and wet shaves to get a clean, slick look every morning.

Some users have complained that when you use it for longer shaving sessions the razor overheats, and requires small breaks. This aspect may be a major turn off for men who like to spend hours on their grooming.


  • High-quality blades
  • Excellent shaving results
  • Wet & Dry technology
  • Decent price


  • It may overheat


Braun Series 9 9390cc

Braun Series 9 9390cc

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Braun makes once again our list with a slick, high-quality electric razor, which despite its impressive performance some still consider being overpriced.

The Series 9 9390cc is a leading shaver that supports the Wet & Dry technology and is capable of some of the gentlest shavings a grooming device can offer.

This model was released in 2018 but it still overpowers most of the electric shavers that appeared on the market since then. It has a remarkably smooth and light design that makes it easy to hold even during long shavings.

Its foil placement consists of 5 synchronized parts that lift and cut even the tiniest hairs on your face.

The Braun 9390cc boosts an Intelligent AutoSensing motor that runs the SyncroSonic technology in the best possible mode to give you a close, bite-free clean shave.

This razor is waterproof and comes equipped with two trimmers, a travel pouch, and a cleaning station.


Special Features

One of the best parts about the Braun Series 9 9390cc is its Li-ion battery, which may last up to 50 minutes.

It fully recharges in less than an hour, and it counts down the last 9 minutes of the remaining energy to prevent you from stopping your grooming session mid-way.

If you want a high-quality electric shaver, you can safely go with the Braun 9390cc. However, you should be willing to carve a $300 piece out of your budget.


  • Smooth design
  • Impeccable close shaving
  • Great battery life


  • Hefty priced


Remington Comfort Series Electric Shaver

Remington Comfort Series Foil Shaver

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Remington is one of the oldest manufacturers of grooming apparel. However, the last few years have not been so kind on their endeavors and larger producers like Phillips and Braun have quickly overtaken them.

Still, they managed to successfully occupy the narrow niche of budget buys in the market. The Remington Comfort Series is a clear example that you can get a smooth, close shave from a Remington razor that costs less than $40.

This electric foiled shaver only performs dry shaving, and it can do it for 60 minutes cordless, after which you will have to wait 2 hours for the battery to charge.

Also, the device boasts a 5-minute rapid charge that allows it to get just enough energy necessary for a quick shave.


Special Features

The Remington Comfort Series uses the Intercept Shaving Technology to pre-trim longer hairs ahead of the smaller threads, thus offering you an even shave all across your face.

A $50 electric shaver can come with a lot of downsides, but we will focus on the one that strikes us the most: the design. The Remington Comfort Series has an economic plastic chassis that makes it look and feel cheap and flimsy.

Special care is recommended, as it does not seem to last through too many drops and bruises.


  • Affordable
  • Smooth Shaving
  • Pre-trim technology


  • It breaks easily
  • Cheap design


Panasonic ES-LS9A-K ARC 6 Electric Razor


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With the release of the Arc 6 Series, Panasonic lowered the prices for the previous range of electric shavers, the Arc 4 and 5, which now cost almost half of their initial launch price.

Nevertheless, their value is still sky-high when it comes to stylish, high-quality razors. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly, reliable grooming device, look no further than these models.

One of the best shavers of the Panasonic Arc 6 series is the ES-LS9A-K version. This razor comes with an incredibly flexible head that turns 30 degrees in any direction. It also boasts a 14 000 CPM motor that runs silent and smooth through an entire 40-minute cordless grooming session.

This foil-bladed razor provides close shaving through its 4-blade system that can run clean through a 5-day beard with top-notch speed. It also comes with a pop-up trimmer that goes great for sideburns and nifty mustaches.


Special Features

With Panasonic ES-LS9A-K Arc 6 provides close, quick shavings, and top-of-the-range technology. This aspect is noticeable in the fine details of a slick design, but also in the eye-catching LED display that informs you on battery life and motor power.

The only defect of the Panasonic ES-LS9A-K Arc 6 is the basic package offer, which consists of the electric shaver, the shaver and a travel bag only. If you want the cleaning dock or additional blades you will have to pay extra.


  • High-quality at a decent price
  • Excellent shaving experience
  • Ergonomic design


  • Basic accessories cost extra


Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

Braun Series 3 Proskin

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Some men like their electronic devices to not only feel good but to look good as well. If you are one of the guys that put a high price on eye-catching design, the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s will not disappoint you.

This electric foil shaver displays a black chassis with turquoise side panels and light-green LED indicators. These attractive features surround the waterproof, flexible head that boasts 2 finishing foils and one middle-slit foil.

With a powerful motor and excellent shaving results, this razor delivers both in terms of sex appeal and performance.

The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s comes with 2 rechargeable Ni-MH batteries that take only one hour to charge and last through 45-minute cordless sessions each.

This model also provides a 5-minute quick charge option that should get you through a quick shave when you are on the run.


Special Features

Contrary to other electric shavers on the market, the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s has relatively cheap replacement parts.

So, if you are looking for a long-term investment and a stylish razor that you can rely on for years, you cannot go wrong with this model.

While it offers clean shavings in both dry and wet modes, the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s may have an underwhelming performance with coarse hair.


  • Great price for a reliable quality
  • Cost-effective
  • Alluring design


  • Not suitable for coarse hair


Philips Norelco 7100

Philips Norelco Shaver 7100

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In the category of electric shavers with rotary heads, there are few brands that can match Philips and their high-performing razors.

It is the case of the Norelco 7100 that has been specifically designed to follow contour lines and curves to their very edges. This model provides an outstanding shaving experience and one of the closest shave a man can get.

The Philips Norelco 7100 uses the GyroFlex 2D contour-following system and DualPrecision heads to take out even the shortest, most inaccessible stubble on your face.

Its Super Lift & Cut technology enables smooth, bite-free shaving whether you prefer dry or wet shaving. Also, the SkinGlide system protects you against cuts and irritations.

This electric shaver boasts a Li-ion rechargeable battery that should last you as much as 40 minutes in cordless mode.

The basic purchase package includes a charging stand, a trimmer head, a protective cap, a cleaning brush and the power cord.


Special Features

The Philips Norelco 7100 has an ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable to use even during extended grooming sessions. It also has LED displays for battery life and control lock status.

The downside to owning a Philips Norelco 7100 is the maintenance price. The blades need periodic replacement, and you might have to take between $25 and $40 every six months just to keep the entire device performing at maximum power.


  • Intelligent design
  • Excellent shaving experience
  • Good battery life


  • Expensive replacement parts


Braun Series 5 5020cc


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If you cannot get the top-range electric shavers from Braun, but you still want to enjoy their high-quality razors, you can settle for a model from the Series 5.

The 5020cc, for example, is an elegant, cost-effective alternative to the more powerful machines in the Series 7 or 9.

It may be a bit noisy and lack the stellar design of its younger brothers, but it is an excellent grooming machine, especially if you are coarse-bearded.

The Braun Series 5 5020cc has 20% more power than its predecessors. It also uses an innovative technology called FlexMotion to provide you with a close, clean and cut-free shaving every morning.

It also has a long hair trimmer and a refined design that will make your grooming sessions a pleasant and refreshing experience.

This electric shaver comes equipped with a cleaning station that clears the remaining hairs, lubricates and charges the razor for you to have it ready the next day.

In doing so it uses an alcohol-based solution that keeps all the parts well-sterilized, clean and ready to go any time you need them.


Special Features

The Braun Series 5 5020cc is a great electric shaver for sensitive skin. It provides smooth, comfortable shaving free of any hair-pulling or cuts that could damage your looks.

It might be a bit noisy, but if you enjoy loud cat purring, then this is the right electric razor for you.


  • Good price/quality ratio
  • Excellent for sensitive skin
  • High-performance cleaning station


  • Noisy


Philips Norelco Shaver 9800

Philips Norelco 9800 Electric Shaver

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The Philips Norelco Shaver 9800 is a high-end electric shaver that is designed for a close and comfortable shave.

Overall, the Philips Norelco Shaver 9800 is a top-performing electric shaver that is suitable for those who are willing to invest in a high-quality, efficient, and convenient grooming tool.

It may not be the best choice for those on a tight budget or those with very sensitive skin.


Special Features

It features a V-Track Precision Blades system that cuts hairs up to 30% closer to the skin, as well as a Contour Detect Technology that follows the contours of your face for a more efficient shave.

It is also equipped with a SmartClean system that cleans, lubricates, and dries the shaver automatically.


  • Advanced technology
  • Close and comfortable shave
  • Convenient cleaning system


  • high price point
  • may not be suitable for people with very sensitive skin.


Overall, the Philips Norelco Shaver 9800 is a top-performing electric shaver that is suitable for those who are willing to invest in a high-quality, efficient, and convenient grooming tool. It may not be the best choice for those on a tight budget or those with very sensitive skin.


Philips Norelco AT880 SmartPivot

Philips Norelco 3500

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You might find this electric razor under the name of Philips Norelco Shaver 3500 at some retailers.

It is merely a result of the company’s marketing campaign, but it is the same highly-performing shaver that provides an easy and cozy shaving that leaves your skin suave and polished every single time.

This razor uses Aquatec Technology to help you get a clean shave whether you like it dry or with shaving gel.

The rotary head is part of the SmartPivot series that allows the foils to move across your face without clipping or biting the hairs. It also includes a silent motor that will make any grooming experience quiet and relaxing.

Weighing in at only 0.38lbs, the Philips Norelco 3500 SmartPivot is one of the lightest electric shavers with rotary blades that you can find.

It also has a Li-ion battery that lasts 50 minutes between recharges and features a 3-minute quick recharge option.


Special Features

The best thing about the Philips Norelco 3500 SmartPivot is its durability in time. This electric razor has been formulated to care for men who like to shave at least once every three days.

It has relatively cheap replacement parts and it can provide you with smooth, silky skin for years in a row.

The only downside to the Philips Norelco 3500 SmartPivot is the fact that you cannot use it while it is charging.

It means that if you run out of battery during a shave, you will have to stare at it regaining its energy for a few minutes before resuming grooming.


  • Aquatec Technology
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy to clean


  • You cannot use it while it is recharging


Philips Norelco Shaver 3000


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Who said you cannot get an excellent electric shaver from Phillips for less than $50? We surely didn’t since the Norelco 1250X has exceeded all our expectations when it comes to budget-friendly razors.

This grooming device may not be the quietest shaver on the market, but it sure has enough qualities to recommend it for this list. The Philips Norelco Shaver 3000 is comfortable, light and easy to use.

It has three rotary blades placed on a flexible head that leans in four directions across your face and neck to deliver outstanding results.

It has a Li-ion battery that lasts 45 minutes when cordless, and a pop-up trimmer that will help you get out even the most stubborn hairs.

The basic purchase package includes only the charging cord and the protective cap. If you want to add further accessories, such as a precision trimmer or a travel case, you will need to pay extra.


Special Features

Even if it does not support Wet & Dry technology, this electric shaver is fully washable. You only need to rinse it a few times under a powerful water jet and it is good to go.

The Philips Norelco Shaver 3000 has its disadvantages. Besides being noisy, it also does not perform well on sensitive skin. Daily use may also leave a few marks every now and then.


  • Affordable
  • Entirely washable
  • Good battery life


  • Noisy
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin


Wahl Professional 8061-100

Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Rechargeable Shaver

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With this 5-star Series, Rechargeable Shaver Shaper Wahl wants to give other producers a run for their money.

Pricing in at less than $70, this razor is an excellent choice for travelers and commuters who like daily ultra-close shaves.

The Wahl Professional 8061-100 does not impress in terms of design, but it wins high points when it comes to efficacy.

Under the bland purple plastic chassis with yellow foils, there is a powerful motor that will stop at nothing to deplete your face and neck of stubbles.

The foils use hypoallergenic heads, which makes this model an ideal choice for men with sensitive skin.

It weighs less than 0.5lbs and fits perfectly in your pocket, your suitcase or in the glove compartment of your car.


Special Features

The best part about the Wahl Professional 8061-100 is its battery life, which sustains a cordless shaving for as much as 80 minutes. A full charge can last up to a month of daily 2.5-minute shaves.

It means that you can safely carry it with you wherever you go and get those annoying new hairs out as soon as they surface.

The problem with the Wahl Professional 8061-100 is that the engineers focused so much on its quick-shaving features that overlooked the side effects of long grooming sessions.

This electric shaver overheats and vibrates loudly when you use it for more than a few minutes.


  • Compact size
  • Easy to carry
  • Impressive battery life
  • Perfect for sensitive skin


  • It overheats
  • Noisy
  • No Wet & Dry technology


Phillips OneBlade


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We could not finish our guide to the best electric shavers of 2023 without discussing the OneBlade razor from Philips. This model is advertised by the manufacturer as a hybrid device.

It features both a trimmer and a shaver to provide you with a multitude of style alternatives when you are grooming.

It has a cool, slim design that features a black chassis with yellow foils on top and a LED display in the middle.

It weighs just 8oz and measures 3.8 x 5.1 x 8.6 inches, so you know that it makes for the perfect travel buddy in terms of male prettying up.

The Phillips OneBlade electric shaver supports the Wet & Dry technology and boasts a potent li-ion battery that can last up to 90 minutes when cordless.

Furthermore, it only takes one hour to get it fully recharged and ready for action.


Special Features

This electric shaver excels in style variability. It has 14 locked length settings that you can choose from to define your unique beard style.

Also, it features a contour-following trait that adjusts with maximum precision to the curves of your face and neck.

The one thing where the Phillips OneBlade fails to impress is in the durability of its blades, which may last you as much as 4 months of daily shaves.


  • Smooth design
  • Great battery life
  • Multiple grooming styles


  • The blades lack durability


Bottom Line

In conclusion, choosing the best electric shaver of 2023 is a personal decision that depends on an individual’s needs and preferences.

Some factors to consider when selecting an electric shaver include the type of beard, skin sensitivity, and budget. It is also important to consider the features and performance of different shavers, as well as their durability and convenience.

Some of the top electric shavers of 2023 that have received positive reviews include the Philips Norelco Shaver 9700, the Braun Series 9 9290cc, the Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor, the GilletteLabs Heated Razor, and the Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver.

Ultimately, the best electric shaver for you will depend on your unique needs and preferences.

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