8 Best Amazon Folding Exercise Bikes

Are you looking for the best Amazon folding exercise bikes to buy? Well, you are reading the right article for that.

You might be wondering, what is this online marketplace that has become so popular and can you find good folding exercise bikes on the platform?

Amazon is a great online marketplace where you can purchase a variety of products.

As the world has become increasingly digitized, there are many online marketplaces where you can buy products even from other countries and have them shipped to you helping you spend less that you would if you went to buy physically.

Amazon features some of the best brands of products of all kinds and purposes.

In case you are looking for where to buy a folding exercise bike, Amazon is a good alternative where you find all the information you need about the product.

There is an array of folding exercise bikes on the platform from different manufacturers all over the world. From the variety of options on Amazon, you can choose the best that suits your exercise needs.

Benefits of Buying Exerpeutic Bikes From Amazon

Amazon has a good repertoire of folding exercise bikes. The advantage of buying from Amazon is that it provides detailed product information, the transactions are secure and you can use the reviews and ratings by other users to help you as you make your purchasing decision.

Amazon has actually become one of the most popular digital marketplaces over the past few years.

Its popularity has made it a great marketplace for products of different kinds needed by customers.

Indoor exercise bikes have grown in popularity as equipment for indoor cardiovascular exercise. You do not need to have prior knowledge on how to ride a bike.

They are one of the most convenient and most effective exercise equipment. These bikes are stationary, stable and balanced helping you achieve your exercise goals safely and with great comfort.

There are currently many brands producing these exerpeutic bikes so you have a variety to choose from.

Many of these Amazon bikes can be shipped globally giving you the shopping convenience and helping you save a lot on valuable money.

The costs of the different exercise bikes may be different from the one quoted, where shipping and delivery is associated.

The price may also vary basing on bike size, color and other factors. As you make your order on Amazon, you get all the information on pricing, refund policy, support availability and many other details.

Much as different brands selling exerpeutic bikes have different product specifications and product policies, most of these bikes share certain features like foldability, basic design and many others.

This article brings you extensive information on different folding exercise bikes that you can purchase on Amazon.

1.Exerpeutic 900 XL 300 lbs

Best Amazon Folding Exercise Bikes

The Exerpeutic 900 XL 300 lbs is a weight capacity recumbent exercise bike with pulse. This bike has over 5,819 ratings on Amazon with an average of 4.5 stars.

This bike costs 309.99 dollars. It can be used by both adult men and women. The return policy on this bike is that it is eligible for return, refund or replacement within 90 days of receipt.

For this bike, free Amazon product support is available for eligible purchases. This support is focused on assisting you if you need help in setting it up, if the bike does not work as you expected.

This assistance is provided to customers over the phone for a period of up to 90 days. You can access this option through the Amazon app by tapping on ‘Your Orders’ and then selecting ‘Get Product Support’.

This bike has a number of special features which include a Bluetooth feature, a monitor for distance travelled which helps you keep track of your exercising.

In most cases, exercise is effective when done in a consistent way. The progress tracking feature this bike provides helps you achieve this.

The Exerpeutic bike currently comes in two colors; gold and black. It is battery powered and weighs 63 pounds.

This bike is recommended for indoor exercises that work on the cardiovascular system. It has a large oversized seat cushion and back rest which makes it a suitable exercise bike for users of a wide range of sizes.

The user-friendly LCD interface that provides you with information on the distance for which you have exercised, the time you have spent exercising, the speed you are using which you can actually adjust, and the heart rate.

This stationary indoor bike is actually driven while in a position in which one is almost lying down; the recumbent posture.

Its exercise focuses on stimulating and powering the cardiovascular system, whilst the bike was designed to ensure that the user’s back and joints are not stressed in the process of exercising.

The manufacturer offers studio classes for this exercise bike and a Bluetooth app tracking.

The bike has a holder for a phone or tablet which helps you do exercise with the help of the manufacturer’s app which is available for Android and iOS.

You can set exercise goals and track your exercises in the free app that accompanies the exerpeutic bike.

2. Xterra Fitness Folding Exercise Bike

XTERRA Fitness Folding Exercise Bike

This folding exercise bike brand is actually one of Amazon’s choices for folding exercise bikes. Just adjacent to the brand name is the Amazon’s choice tag.

There are two styles available for this exercise bike on Amazon; FB150 (8 options) and FB350 (9 options) with prices starting from 91.24 dollars and 107 dollars respectively.

The special features of this exercise bike are foldability which means that you can fold it when you are not using it to save space and a feature that monitors and displays the exercise distance travelled and other exercise variables.

This bike comes in silver color and is battery-powered. You do not need to look for an electricity source to power it.

It weights 32 pounds and it is recommended for use in indoor cardiovascular exercise. Because this exercise bike is foldable, it takes up a small space when folded and not in use of just 18.1” X 18.1” of floor space.

The bike has a large seat that was designed in sync with the body’s shape so as to ensure extra comfort when exercising.

The handlebars are padded and designed for comfortable and supportive grip from a multiplicity of positions.

The small LCD screen helps you monitor the speed, displays the exercise time, shows the number of calories burnt, the distance travelled and the pulse.

This provision of information helps you to tailor your exercise to achieve the best of results as you desire.

Just below the console is a large manual dial that you can use to adjust the resistance up to 8 distinct levels, allowing you to suit your exercise to the challenge level you want and gradually progress in intensity.

It is always best to gradually progress through exercise levels so that the body’s metabolism and build-up can adapt accordingly. This exercise bike is suitable for users between 4’10” and 5’10” of height.

The weight limit of the Xterra Fitness Folding Exercise Bike is 225 lb. The bike has 28, 491 reviews on Amazon and a global rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is one of the most popular exerpeutic folding bikes on Amazon.

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3. IRONMAN Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Best Amazon Folding Exercise Bikes

This is another Amazon choice bike for folding exercise bikes.

It is suitable for both adult males and females. The special technical features of this bike are a Crank system, a Flywheel and v-belt double-drive transmission system that does not produce noise.

You can also adjust the tension up to 8 levels according to the specifications of your exercise. This bike can fold and its large cushioned seat is comfortable.

It also has a backrest for extra comfort and to avoid causing joint and back pain. This bike comes in grey color and with an electric for connecting it to the powering electricity source.

It is recommended for use in indoor exercise. It weighs 43 pounds, and because it is foldable it takes up less floor space when folded and not in use. Therefore, storing this bike is easy.

You can monitor the time taken exercising, the amount of calories burnt, the exercise distance travelled, the speed and the heart rate on the LED screen that is a part of the bike.

Unique to this bike is the fact that it can be used as a desk bike since it has height adjustable desks. The bike has a semi-recumbent form which makes it easy for a user to enter and leave the bike.

The bike supports a weight of up to 300 pounds.

4. Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike with 400 lbs Weight Capacity

With over 6,248 global ratings on Amazon and 4.5 stars, this portable gold-colored exerpeutic bike that weighs only one kilogram is a great choice for indoor cardiovascular exercise.

This bike comes in two styles; the BT w/300 lbs and the BT w/400 lbs weight capacity that go for prices from 249 dollars and 159 dollars respectively.

The special features of this bike are foldability, a distance travelled monitor and additionally, the Bluetooth Smart Cloud Fitness feature that works in conjunction with the free MyCloudFitness app that is available on Android and iOS helps you to monitor your workouts on your mobile devices.

Goal setting is an important thing to do when exercising. This free app helps you set workout goals relating to the exercise time, the amount of calories burned and the workout distance.

The uniqueness of this folding exercise bike is that it is uniquely compact in that when folded it reduces to half its total outspread size.

This bike has transportation wheels that can assist in moving it between places. The bike’s large seat is cushioned and can support people of a wide range of sizes.

You can adjust this bike to suit your height as long as it falls within the range of 5’3” to 6’1”.

5. leikefitness Folding Exercise Bike 2200(YELLOW) and Adjustable Ab Trainer 9300(PURPLE) Bundle

Best Amazon Folding Exercise Bikes

This foldable indoor exercise bike with a maximum recommended weight of 350 pounds has up to 10 resistance levels enabling you to have a diversity of exercise challenges that you can take on gradually.

Suitable for both beginner and professional athletes, the leikefitness spinning bike has a special feature in that it can be adjusted to either the recumbent or the upright position, depending on your workout objectives.

Unlike many other folding exercise bikes, this brand gives you opportunity for an increased diversity of exercises due to the aforementioned quality.

You can do deep sissy squats, band squats, side extension, back extension, sit-ups, push-ups, forward lunges, and many more exercises. This bike has 4.4 out of 5 stars and 4 global ratings on Amazon.

6. PHASFBJ Folding Reluctance Fixed Exercise Bike

PHASFBJ Folding Reluctance Fixed Exercise Bike

This compact foldable home exercise bike comes in four colors; green, orange, red and yellow that go for prices starting from 749.69, 634.69, 688.69 and 609.69 dollars respectively.

This product is sold by JingYa Big Mall uu and can be shipped to you to whichever country you are in.

The PHASFBJ Folding Reluctance Fixed Exercise Bike has an LCD display screen that displays the time taken exercising, the speed, the output of the odometer and the number of calories burned.

The iPad mount holds your iPad for you, so that you can listen to music as you exercise, so you don’t need to have a boring exercise.

The bike has a large comfortable seat that can be adjusted to a position where you are most comfortable. This seat can support a wide range of weights of up to 300 pounds.

The bike was made with a sturdy x-design that gives enough support whilst remaining comfortable for exercise.

The foldability of this bike means that it can be folded in half for easy storage when not in use. This bike has wheels which make its transportation easy.

You don’t need to carry it but can push it to your desired location. This bike offers 8 levels of resistance, giving you a range of diversity to choose from and opportunity to progress through the levels step-by-step.

This cardiovascular exercise bike is suitable for both adult men and women.

7. PHASBJ Fun and Fitness Kids’ exercise bike equipment

Fun And Fitness Kids Exercise Bike Equipment

All other bike brands discussed in this article are recommended for use by adults. The design itself is specifically for adults.

It was therefore worth including a similar product, but one specifically meant for kids to help you in case you need to buy an exercise bike for a child.

This bike is compact, small and has a brightly-colored toy-like design to attract kids to exercise.

This indoor stationary mini exercise bike has an adjustable seat that you can adjust to make sure that your child is comfortable while exercising. The bike is suitable for cardiovascular exercises.

It can be bought for around 359.99 dollars. This bike also offers different levels of resistance to help a child progress gradually in exercise intensity. The design of this bike ensures maximum child safety.

The maximum weight that can be supported on this bike is 110 pounds. The bike has an LCD monitor that displays the different exercise variables which include the exercise time, the amount of calories burnt, the speed and the exercise distance travelled.

This bike is suitable for kids between 3 and 6 years of age.

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8. YSSOA Folding Pedal Exercise Bike

Best Amazon Folding Exercise Bikes

This is a mini exercise bike for arms and legs. It has a LED screen digital monitor that displays the different exercise variables. This bike is foldable, has a small weight for portability and to save on space.

It is another Amazon’s choice for folding exercise bikes. This portable black bike made of steel can carry a weight of up to 350 pounds.

The hardy steel design ensures stability and support while using this equipment. This lightweight bike comes fully assembled and presents no need for any extra tools.

It is suitable for cardiovascular exercises and arm and leg exercises that can help you tone the muscles of the arms and legs, making them stronger.

It is an indoor exercise equipment that can be used both at home and in an office. The YSSOA pedal exercise bike offers different levels of resistance which helps you streamline your exercise to your needs.

To help you track the variable ls of your exercise, this equipment has a LED screen that displays the revolutions per minute (RPM), the number of calories burned, the exercise time and distance.

This equipment can be used both on and under the desk. Hence you can achieve two goals at once; working on your work projects, while at the same time working on your body.

Amazon offers a variety of exerpeutic bikes that you can choose from. This list is but a glimpse into the multitude of options you can choose from. There are many more brands on Amazon.

It is best to choose an exercise bike that suits your needs and fits within your financial budget and offers the best promise to helping you attain your exercise goals.


This list was grafted basing on various tests done by experienced users including myself. It is only but a guide to help you on your hunt for one of the best Amazon exercise bikes you can purchase.

I sure hope it gives you an insight into the best option of the bike you will probably be using next.

Let me know, in the comments down below, what you think and which bike you like the most on this list.

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